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With SIMORAIL you're always on the safe side. Specially developed to meet the requirements of the EN 45545 standard, our low-flammability SIMORAIL sheets provide maximum safety for the interior lining of rail vehicles.

EN 45545 was developed on the basis of existing fire protection regulations for rail vehicles being operated within the International Union of Railways (UIC) and various European countries. It regulates fire protection requirements for materials used in rail vehicles on a Europe-wide basis. The standard defines three different hazard levels (HL) as well as test methods and test requirements for materials used, in accordance with the respective hazard level (R requirement clauses). SIMORAIL HL2 meets the requirements of HL2 for R1, which covers about 80% of the interior components used in rail transport. SIMORAIL HL3, our premium product, meets the requirements of the highest hazard level HL3, which applies to rail vehicles such as sleeping cars, for example. Consequently, the products are ideal for use as interior lining materials in rail vehicles.

Product details

  • Excellent surface quality
  • Broad service temperature range
  • Excellent fire properties
  • Excellent thermoforming properties that enable high degrees of complexity in shaping
  • Low shrinkage values in processing
  • High tensile modulus of elasticity
  • Moisture absorption comparable with that of other polycarbonates