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Mission Statement

Operating at a global level, we are a solutions provider for polymer-based applications. Our focus is on delivering customer value. Drawing on our advanced skills in process engineering, we offer first-class products together with the benefits of fast, efficient and reliable workflow. Our aim is to pursue growth on our own terms and remain independent.


Our aim is to achieve sustained growth in revenue and earnings. Our goal for the medium term remains SIMONA500, i.e. annual Group sales of €500 million. Revenue growth is to be achieved organically and through acquisitions. Our medium-term objective is to attain a Group EBIT margin of 6-8 per cent.

Key strategic goals

Strengthening our ability to innovate

Our aim for the core market of Europe is to drive growth by launching new products and unlocking new areas of application. To this end, we intend to enhance our abilities as an innovator by extending our R&D activities. We are committed to expanding our portfolio of materials by adding semi-finished bioplastics as well as high-temperature polymers to our range. A new Technology Centre at our Group headquarters in Kirn will allow us to pursue more sizeable development projects. Our target markets include, in particular, the construction sector, life sciences, mobility and utilities.

More pronounced growth in the emerging markets

Our focus in the emerging markets is on the high-end market of industrial applications. Among others, the emerging markets targeted by SIMONA include Asia, India, Turkey, Russia and Latin America. These markets have yet to be fully exploited by SIMONA in our traditional fields of application and therefore offer significant growth potential. By expanding our Technical Service Centres around the globe, we will further enhance our technical consulting services. Combining local production with best-in-class quality, we are committed to providing our customers with genuine added value. 

Operational excellence´

Benefiting from superior process engineering together with reliable, efficient and rapid workflow, we are looking to reduce our break-even point even further.

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